Senior Product Designer based in London building successful products

7 years of experience as a 'full stack' designer in early stage startups and agency. Currently responsible for the consumer experience at Deliveroo, previously responsible for the driver experience at Hailo. I’m also the Co-Founder and Designer of Cinemap.

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Food discovery and search at scale

Re-thinking the food discovery experience for customers on Deliveroo.


Bespoke customer support tool

All in one tool for Deliveroo’s global customer support to provide great support at scale.

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Compensating Deliveroo customers

A simple and fast tool to compensate deliveroo customers that have experienced issues with their orders.


Movie showtimes

An iOS app and personal project to help people find movie showtimes, book tickets and keep track of movies they want to see.


Passenger reliability at peak times

To tackle under-supply at peak times, we launched an incentivisation feature to nudge drivers to complete more jobs during peak-time and be rewarded.




2015 – present

Senior Product Designer

  • Early product designer at Deliveroo.

  • Responsible for the consumer experience on all platforms.

  • Shipped a new food discovery experience.

  • Solved customer problems and delivered immediate business impact whilst strategically setting the product up for a longer term initiatives.

  • Also led design on the customer support team.

  • Shipped bespoke tools for customer support, increased business efficiency and saved costs whilst providing great customer support.


2014 – 2015

Product Designer

  • I was responsible for the driver experience and pre-booking experience.

  • Increased the highest priority business metric through designing a behaviour changing feature for drivers that led to vastly increased pickup reliability for passengers.

  • Also increased company revenue through the release of a new product feature: pre-booking.

Hailo raised $100 million. Acquired by Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler. It rebranded to Free Now part of a new $1bn venture between Daimler and BMW, "Your Now"

Monitise Create

about 2 years

Product Designer

  • Designed and shipped delightful mobile products and experiences for Hub Hotel, FIFA, Formula E, Samsung, Eurasian Bank and more.

Monitise Create was a digital services agency. It started out as Grapple Mobile. In 2013 it was acquired by Monitise and was rebranded as Monitise Create. It has recently rebranded for a second time to Big Radical.